Monday, November 22, 2010

a promised entry.

Hello peeps ;)
It's been a long time since i wrote here right? well, as usual i'm not in mood of writing anything (in fact, i have so many things to tell you). Even i don't have any entry regarding hari raya wehh. here you come the laziness side of me. i don't need you, shuhh shuhhh ! *while kicking the wind with full-hearted. haha

Well, this entry will be all in english because i want to share with you my dearest reader about my poem that i've done by myself ! i repeat, by MYSELF ! eh, i've told you right? and i even promised you that i'll post an entry about my poem. ouhhh, now i remember. *aicehhh, pretending just about to remember. haha

Back to my own writing poem, honestly it's really hard to be done. i have to follow some sort of rules,and it's the hardest theme of poem and to be more miserable, it's the longest poem i've got compare to my classmates. not fair ! not fair !
*while pulling out my hair. auchhww !

the rules of readig my poem ;
you are not allow to LAUGH cruelly while reading it or even make a weird face like you really disgusted to read and all the things that would make me feel pathetic. 
let's read it now ;)

Yesterday, I were standing here,
in old building.
Looking through the window,
cloud seems dark outside
and the wind blows,
rain started to fall.
The kid that I'm looking at, he fall.
He stand again, and walk over here,
to his mother, as slow as the wind blows.
They shelter from the rain under a building.
I watch them outside,
through the huge window.

Today, I'm still looking through this window,
but today, not only one, but many kids fall.
They fall on the ground outside,
and will never stand here
again, everything has been destroyed, all the building,
the wind will never blow as blow
as i can feel yesterday's blows.
Now, there is no more window,
as well as there is no more building
on earth, because everything has fall
on the ground where I'm standing here,
I can see the whole world, outside
from the place where i usually look outside,
there is no more wind to blow,
but chaos dominated the place here.
I can hear the broken of the window,
women, kids, father, mother, siblings, they are all fall
to the ground under the collapsed building,
will they ever have a chance to shelter under the building
again? should they sleep tonight on the ground outside?
where they would wet when the rain fall,
and feeling cold when the wind blows,
and tomorrow, would they have the strength to look at the window?
Would you bear to just have a look from here?
While they're fighting for their life, here?
We're busy racing to build high-rise building,
while they don't even have window,
they just roofed the sky outside,
much worse, there's no wind to blow,
yet, only the leaves to fall.

Now, I am kneeling on the ground outside,
praying for there will be no more people fall,
and hoping that all the chaos will stop here.

the end.

p/s ; the poem themed sestina.
look at the end of all the last words of every sentence, i have to repeat it in a fix order and i know i made it miserably. i should arrange every single word of the story properly.
yes ! the poem is the worst poem ever. ok, bye.

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